Night Clubs Barcelona.

This is a page about the pros and cons of the nightlife Barcelona, and how it affects or contribute to the economy of the city the affluence of the tourists to the night clubs Barcelona. Also we'll treat about what think and how the city governors try to limit the nightlife in order to create a good ambience for it's citizens. We all know that nightlife activity can generate economical incomes and it's great for the city but the noise and trash it is generated can be a problem for the city council.

Nightlife Barcelona and his pros and cons.

Barcelona is one of the busiest spots for nightlife lovers. There are several clubs to choose from if you want to spend an exquisite night. If you head to Barcelona for a night out you will be amazed about the varieties and options you can find in night clubs Barcelona. But there are some tips that you need to follow if you want to have a night to remember. Here is our ultimate guide for a special time in the amazing night clubs Barcelona.
What should you do?
Wear right:
Summer or winter you have to dress to impress. Most of the time clubs will have a dress code which is smart casual. This means that men should wear collar shirts and dressy shoes and women should wear heels. You can get away with wearing jeans but colored athletic sneakers, baggy jeans and jerseys or t-shirts are a no-no. If it is a beach club, things might be a little bit more flexible but whatever you choose, make sure that you are dressed your best.
Book first:
Avoid an unfortunate situation if you are going to one of the busiest night clubs or strip clubs in Barcelona. One phone call or an online booking can make difference to the experience you are spending with your friends. If there is no booking and you have to wait in line, then this is probably what you will have to do. Ask the bouncer nicely about how long you will have to wait. Remember that the bouncers might look intimidating but they are actually nice people, like everybody else. If the bouncer ignores you or doesn’t seem responsive, you can slip in a bill while shaking his hand. Remember to be friendly and discrete.
Avoid being bounced:
Acting cocky and arrogant to the bouncer is a big mistake. First, you are not getting in any faster and second, things might escalate to ruin your night. Remember to be nice and friendly because this will help you to establish a good rapport with the bouncer. If you are spending some time in Barcelona you might even become a regular to the club and things will start to be easier.
Line up right:
Some of the best night clubs and strip clubs in Barcelona will have 2 lines, one for VIPs and one for regular folks. You don’t want to spend 30 minutes waiting in the wrong line. Ask if this is where you should wait if you are not sure.
Be with the right group:
If you are going to the night club with someone then your chances to get in as a couple is great. It is actually higher than if you are going with a group of friends. A group of friends will go fast if it has more girls than guys. It is a tough world out there but most of the time women will not wait in line as much as men do. If you are going alone then you are at the highest risk of being bounced off. In that case, you should try to mingle with the women waiting in line to get in. Just be nice, blend in and be friendly. Don’t be too creepy or sleazy or they might even tell the bouncer that you are bothering them. But try to establish a good rapport to get inside with them as one unit. Of course, these rules don’t apply that much if you are trying to get into a strip club.
Don’t take pictures:
Night clubs are usually dark and the flash combined with drinks can have a devastating effect. We know that you want to document those moments and a snap or two are just fine. But spending all the night taking photos and bothering everybody else is not.
Don’t stand on the stairs:
You will always find that person who is having a long chat on the stairs and blocking the way. Don’t be that person. If you meet someone you know, then take them away from the stairs and have your conversation. The same applies to people who stand at the bottom or at the top of the stairs. They just block the way and everybody has to go around them which can get a little bit messy in the crowd and in the dark.
Don’t flag down the bartender:
Just don’t stand away and flash your money to the bar tender. You are not just going to piss him off but you will also be rude to everybody who is waiting. Instead, send one member of your group to the bar to avoid the crowds. Be friendly to the bartender and ask about his or her name. Put the tip in the tipping jar or give it to him when you are taking your drink. These are some of the things that you should pay attention in one of the amazing nightclubs of Barcelona. We guarantee that you will have a night to remember.